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D’Feet Breast Cancer
Several months ago the phone rang and it was Dolly Warren in Galveston, Texas. She had heard about WomenStories from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and was looking for materials for libraries and medical offices in her area. She had started a lending library of books and videos in twenty different locations in Galveston as part of D’Feet Breast Cancer, Inc. Dolly’s organization paid for the bookcases and books, and WomenStories supplied D’Feet with 70 videos while we were waiting for our DVDs to be completed. On April 16, we sent D’Feet 20 DVDs as part of Mimi’s Mission.

The D’Feet Breast Cancer Organization started in 2000 when a group of volunteers decided to raise money for uninsured and underserved country women ages 40 – 60, to get free mammograms and free follow up care. D’Feet is now doing more than 1,000 free mammograms each year. Once a woman signs up with D’Feet, unless her financial status changes, she is covered for life. D’Feet collaborates with the Galveston County Health District, the University of Texas Medial Branch in Galveston, The Jesse Tree, Mainland Center Hospital and Victory Breast & Diagnostic Imaging Center. D’Feet also uses a portable mammography van to serve women in their own locations such as a local church, a clinic, a hospital, or a school. Their program includes heavy emphasis on teaching breast self-examination and empowering women to become involved in their own breast health on a monthly basis. D’Feet is staffed 100% by volunteers, with Dolly Warren leading the charge. She says of WomenStories, “The tapes really keep a woman connected to other women even if she is unable to get out for meetings. They are a very comforting addition to her list of resources.”