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Rebecca T. Ritchie, Esq. WomenStories Star
Rebecca Ritchie has starred in two WomenStories videos, Surgical Choices and Life After Breast Cancer. She holds a degree in English from Goucher College and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School. These two disciplines have shaped her life and work. Becca is currently the chief attorney for Univera Healthcare and at the same time a prolific writer of plays, novels and short stories.

Becca was born in Baltimore and moved to Buffalo in 1981 with her husband Stafford, also an attorney. For seven years she was at home raising three children and doing volunteer work for a Jewish magazine, Jewish Review. During this time she became a freelance writer about health and family issues and for four years was a stringer for the Buffalo News. In 1988 she went to work as legal counsel for Univera Healthcare where she still works today.

Becca has written over 100 feature articles for a variety of publications. In the late 80’s she attended an International Conference for Women Playwrights where she discovered a new calling, playwriting. Exit Eden a play about how Eve and Lilleth shared a husband, Adam, led her to Western New York Playwrights’ Workshop directed by Emanuel Fried. where she studied for four and a half years. During this time she wrote The Crustacean Waltz that Mimi Dow, co-founder of WomenStories, attended and loved. They had so much in common around their experience with breast cancer, and Becca had written so eloquently about it, that she became a friend and WomenStories star. Her most recent play, The Memory Garden, has been playing during the month of September, 2006 at the Alleyway Theater in Buffalo, NY.

Ms Ritchie has written approximately a dozen plays, mostly one acts, produced in Manhattan, Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Seattle and Sarasota. She explores the breast cancer experience in many of her plays and one novel; some of them are humorous, such as How to Buy a Brassiere and Picking Up His Socks. She also focuses on the experiences of Jewish women; Rachel Kalof, the story of a Jewish pioneer, was produced in the summer of 2006.

Becca is a three-time survivor of breast cancer who has never let the disease slow her down. She not only is a star in WomenStories videos, but a star in living her life to the fullest and laughing as she does.