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Video Prices Cut
On the WomenStories website you will notice that our video prices have dropped substantially. Videos now cost $5 each plus $5 each for shipping and handling. The entire set costs $20 plus $10 for shipping and handling. Because VHS videos are becoming an old technology, in a matter of weeks, we will release a two disc DVD that contains all ten titles and a resource guide inside the DVD case. The price for this DVD will be $25. Of course, people can watch any and all of the titles free of charge on the website Select 'video series' on the home page and then click on a title that interests you, making sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for the full video and not a clip. For organizations that cannot afford to pay for them, we send videos for the price of shipping and handling. We hope you will take advantage of the new low prices of videos. Stay tuned for an announcement of the availability of our DVD.