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A Salute to Collette Schoellkopf as she Retires from WomenStories
It is hard to imagine WomenStories without Collette, project associate extraordinaire! She came to the project in October of 2000 and left on January 31st of this year. She has been involved in every aspect of our work and was unafraid to tackle any job, starting with setting up the office, to bookkeeping (although her mantra was, “I am a social worker, not a bookkeeper!"), to taking a visiting WomenStories star to Niagara Falls, to interviewing women during shoots and afterward spending many hours editing. In addition to the above, she researched medical offices in Western New York for marketing and distribution. One of her biggest contributions was to mastermind BRAvo! an extravaganza and auction of art bras. Collette’s mother thought up the idea and Collette made it a reality, finding artists, collecting their bras judging pieces for calendars, working with photographers, helping to set up exhibits, and dealing with all the details of a reception. She was a whirling dervish for months before each of the BRAvo! events. (We still have a few calendars left if you want to buy at half price!)

Collette’s open and inclusive personality put the women we worked with at ease and made them life-long supporters of the project. She befriended everyone who came into the WomenStories sphere, including customers. She will be sorely missed.