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Linking Hither and Yon
In an effort to spread the word about our video series, WomenStories has been establishing reciprocal links to other organizations, such as the Lance Armstrong Foundation, The Breast Cancer Network of Western New York, the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, Young Survival and the Moutner Project. One particularly interesting link we have made is Shop Well with You, a not for profit organization that helps women with a history of cancer improve their body image and quality of life by using clothing as a means toward wellness.

The founder, Emily Spivack, writes in the introduction to her brochure: “Some women’s bodies visibly change as they undergo cancer treatments. For other women the effects of cancer may not be outwardly noticeable. Whether or not a change is obvious, and no matter when you were diagnosed, the experience can alter your body image- how you perceive your appearance. One thing is certain: maintaining a positive body image is an important part of the healing process. What you wear on the outside can impact how you feel on the inside.”

All Shop Well with You services and materials are free. Visit the website for more information.