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LOVE Award Goes to WomenStories Star
The Susan G. Komen Foundation Western New York Affiliate gave three awards at its annual luncheon in May for local workers in the field of breast cancer. The Love award went to WomenStories Star, the legendary Bertha Hill seen here wearing her award. Her friend and president of Sisters Network, Marilyn Deans, wrote the following description of Bert that won her the LOVE award.

Bert is a 20-year breast cancer survivor, who is constantly reaching out to other women to let them know that breast cancer is not a death sentence. She stresses the importance of early detection through yearly mammograms, breast screening and monthly BSE. This marvelous woman seems never to tire of helping other women through their journey with breast cancer. Not only does she participate in breast health educational outreach, she also gives support to diagnosed women and their loved ones. She’s there at the hospital, to help them by making sure they understand what the doctor is saying, their options, and if requested, she’ll be there when the patient has surgery! To make follow-up calls or visits is not unusual for her. Her payment for these endeavors – to know that the patient’s life has been spared. She also volunteers for organizations such as American Cancer Society and Cancer Wellness Center and is the recipient of numerous awards.

Bert’s faith – the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen – is what she thrives on. Bert’s love for Christ and her love for people is what make her who she is, a warm, humble, caring human being. A true advocate, supporter and believer in what she does in the community. Such a gracious lady. She is LOVE!