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I.T. = Inspiration and Imagination
Inspiration & Information from breast cancer survivors

You may have noticed that we have a new tag line on our website that will soon be on all our printed materials and on our upcoming videos. This tag line came from Andy Heckman, our I.T. Solutions man, who knows that there is more to technology than I.T!! We had been trying for days to find a more focused and descriptive tag line for WomenStories, and as Andy bent over Collette’s computer, we began running ideas by him. How about lessons from breast cancer survivors? Or, how about information and support from the breast cancer journey? Without stopping what he was doing or turning around, the perfect tag line popped out of his mouth, “Inspiration and information from breast cancer survivors.” Not only is this tag line imaginative, it is alliterative!

We incorporated Andy’s idea into a new mission statement which you can also find on our website in the About Us section.

The mission of WomenStories is to inspire, inform and support breast cancer patients by documenting and sharing survivors’ experiences.

Thank you Andy Heckman!