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American Society of Breast Disease Symposium
At the invitation of Barbara Rabinowtz, Ph.D., the president of the American Society of Breast Disease and a member of the WomenStories National Review Board, Mimi and Collette were exhibitors in April at the ASBD Symposium in Boston. Many people stopped by the WomenStories booth where loop tapes played continuously. We were next-door neighbors to two other “.org’s", the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Boston Affiliate, and Young Survival; both these organizations have been supporters of WomenStories, Komen, Buffalo Affiliate with two grants, and Young Survival with the participation of Veronica Castillo in the Young Women and Breast Cancer video.

The best part of the symposium was meeting Barbara Rabinowitz who has been on our National Review Board since its inception. She is an enthusiastic member, frequently sending a letter or e-mail just to inquire how we are doing and encourage us to keep at it. Together with Alison Estabrook, MD, another member of our National Review Board, Barbara created a wonderful series of lectures and workshops some of which we were able to attend when we were not dragooning people to watch videos.

We spent the day before the symposium at Dana Farber, where we visited with Laurie Rosenblatt and with our former National Review Board member, Lynn Thompson, the head nurse at the Gillette Center for Women’s Cancers. Lynn gave us a tour of the center where we saw our videos sitting on the shelves of their resource center.

It is a treat to meet members of our National Review Board ,and we hope to make contact with Eva Singletary, M.D. and Mary Costanza, M.D. at a conference in 2005 that they will attend.

Photo: Barbara Rabinowitz, (center) and Mimi Dow (right) chat with a Gail Lebovic MD.(left) member of the board of ASBD.