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The Ultimate Drive with the Ultimate Driver
Wendy Amato and her daughter Nina leave for Erie, PA in the signed BMW for the Ultimate Drive.
On July 27, Wendy Amato, WomenStories star, was honored as this year’s Ultimate Drive Local Hero at the Towne BMW dealership. For the past eight years the Ultimate Drive has raised approximately a million dollars for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. This is how it works: BMW dealerships lay out a route starting in Maine, crisscrossing the East Coast and stopping in Buffalo. There is a similar Ultimate Drive on the West Coast. Volunteers drive one of the fleet of BMWs for a leg of this long route, and for every mile they cover, BMW donates a dollar to the Komen Foundation. Wendy was one of 17 volunteer drivers.

After a reception swarming with Wendy’s nieces and nephews, her husband, her parents and her daughter Nina, guests had the opportunity to sign a “Signature Car.” This car is adorned with pictures and autographs of the Local Hero in each city of the Ultimate Drive and eventually ends up in Dallas, headquarters for the Komen Foundation. It may even be auctioned at a football game there. Wendy gave a short talk about breast cancer and heroism. Later that day she climbed into a BMW and drove to Erie, PA.