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Initial Discovery and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Changes Filmmaker’s Career
Marco Williams and Whitney Dow makers of the documentary Two Towns of Jasper.
Whitney Dow, producer of WomenStories’ Initial Discovery and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer and Marco Williams, his partner in Two Tone Productions, received two prestigious awards this year: The Dupont Columbia Award for Broadcast Journalism, and a Peabody for their documentary Two Towns of Jasper.

Whitney cut his teeth making commercials at Fountainhead Productions, but he claims that after producing Initial Discovery and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer and a documentary of a Boston-New York AIDS Ride, he felt compelled to change his focus from commercials to documentaries. As soon as he heard about the dragging death of James Byrd in Japer, Texas in 1999, he joined forces with his high school friend to film the black and white communities in Jasper as they lived through the trials of the three men who had committed this atrocity. The film, which took three years to complete, interweaves the stories from these two “towns” and reveals that buried racism is still present in Jasper

In 2000 Buffalo was the location of Whitney’s first WomenStories video. In 2004, Whitney and Marco returned to Buffalo to make a film for HBO’s Noggin channel to celebrate the fifty-year anniversary of Brown vs the Board of Education. Buffalo’s public high school of the Performing and Visual Arts was the setting for their film I Sit Where I Want about a school that was integrated fifty years ago but where today the students sill self-segregate in the lunchroom.