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WomenStories Star is Star of Susan G. Komen Survivor Lunch

Rebecca Ritchie, WomensStories star, is an attorney and playwright. When she was diagnosed in 1996, she became the 10th member of her family with breast cancer. Rebecca appears in our video Surgical Choices, and her story is astounding. Because she had lost her mother and sister to breast cancer, she wanted to have a prophylatic bi-lateral mastectomy, but that was contrary to the advice of her medical providers. She did not feel that she could wait until symptoms appeared. It would be too late, so she went ahead with the bi-lateral mastectomy. A few days after her surgery, believing that she had been brave and prevented her family disease, she was informed that she already had fairly advanced breast cancer. She received rigorous treatment and is now an eight-year survivor. Rebecca’s instincts saved her life, and her message to other women is to get as much information as possible, but do not be afraid to follow your instincts! Her experience with breast cancer gave Rebecca plenty of material to write about; many of her theatrical pieces have dealt with breast cancer and how it affects relationships. Since Ms. Ritchie appeared in the WomenStories video Surgical Choices, she has completed her first novel

Ms Ritchie will be the speaker at the Susan G. Komen Survivor Lunch in Buffalo on May 8, where her monologue Picking Up His Socks will be performed. Picking Up His Socks is Rebecca Ritchie’s thirteenth work for the stage. Other theatrical pieces, The Crustacean Waltz, The Shiva Queen, and Buying a Brassiere also deal with breast cancer. Ms. Ritchie has won numerous prizes for her plays and short monologues; her artistic resume is long and distinguished. Rebecca, her husband and three children, currently reside in Buffalo, NY.