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WomenStories Exhibits at Erie Community College Health Fair

The Susan G. Komen, WNY affiliate invited WomenStories to join them as exhibitors at the Erie Community College Health Fair, held March 15, 2004

WomenStories, a recipient of two Susan G. Komen Foundation grants, was pleased to join Dr. Carter, a WomenStories star in the Hormone Treatment video, and share a table with her. We spoke with dozens of women about the work of the Komen Foundation, and distributed fliers for the upcoming Race For The Cure, along with WomenStories resource guides. Our two organizations are committed to community outreach and education; participating in ECC’s city campus Health Fair was a fine opportunity to reach a cultural, economic and ethnically diverse population.

We answered many questions students posed regarding the benefits of breast self-exams and mammograms. We made a dozen referrals to clinics for mammograms, second opinions, and encouraged women to avail themselves of the New York State program for free mammogram vouchers. We reached many people without health insurance, or who are underinsured.

Our time was well spent, and we thank Dr. Cathleen Carter and the Susan G. Komen Foundation, WNY affiliate for inviting us to join them at this important event.