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Mimi Dow traveled to New York City to tape Teresa Vargas for the Recurrence/Metastasis video that is in progress. The taping took place at SHARE, an organization that provides self-help for women with breast or ovarian cancer. Ivis Sampayo, director of the LatinaSHARE program and herself a survivor, arranged for the event, and Whitney Dow, who produced the very first WomenStories video, was the director for the shoot. Although we were on the 17th floor of the building, street noises from Times Square permeated the closed windows. Despite these noises Teresa gave a thoughtful and inspiring interview.

WomenStories is happy to connect with SHARE, which is founded on the same principle as our organization, that the best medicine for women with breast cancer is to hear from their sisters. SHARE provides approximately 60 peer support groups, educational groups and wellness groups, throughout the New York metropolitan area in hospitals, cancer centers, community centers, and YMCA’s to name but a few. LatinaSHARE runs twenty nine additional groups in Spanish. Further, SHARE takes close to 70 survivors each year to Washington for the National Breast Cancer Coalition meeting. Within this group is the largest Latina group in the country to attend this meeting. SHARE HOTLINE: 212-382-2111. In 2002 Hotline Volunteers responded to more than 6,000 hotline calls in 11 different languages. WomanStories looks forward to an ongoing association with LatinaSHARE.