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Preparations for BRAvo!
BRAvo! has got the staff and producer of WomenStories hopping, even feeling a bit like the dancing Shiva with his many arms waving. Invitations went out the day after the elections on Tuesday, Nov 4, and already responses are returning. We have run out of invitations, but anyone receiving this newsletter who would like to attend should call 716-873-3689, email or purchase tickets ($35) at the door. Artists have brought in their work and it is most impressive, the variety of materials and ideas astonishing. Bob Collignon, whose wife Linda Kissel Collignon has made bras for
both BRAvo 2003 and BRAvo 2005, spent two days with the help of Collette and Mark, our producer, taking photographs of all the bras. The calendar, featuring twelve bras, will be for sale at BRAvo! on December 2.

Hauptman Woodward Research Institute at 700 Ellicott Street, in Buffalo, will be the host for BRAvo! Designed by Mehrdad Yazdani from Cannon Design and only occupied for 6 months, the Hauptman Woodward building is unique. The exterior is silver, one half curved and the other square. Long narrow windows swirl irregularly around the outside of the building. The interior space is lofty and will handsomely accommodate the art bras and
the hundreds of art bra enthusiasts who will attend. Our delight in the Hauptman Woodward building is matched by the responsiveness of the people who work there and run the institution, among them three scientists who devote their time to breast cancer research!

BRAvo 2005 is guaranteed to be the most talked about bra art event of the year!

Top Left:
Photographer Bob Collignon and WomenStories' Collette Schoellkopf stop and smile while shooting the artwork.

Right: Bob Collignon of Collignon Jarosz Studio captures an image.

Lower Left: Hauptman Woodward Research Institute