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APOS Meeting in Austin
  Katie Militello, WomenStories board member, accompanied Mimi Dow to the American Psychosocial Oncology Society meeting in Austin, Texas where WomenStories was an exhibitor. Katie grew up in Austin which meant that they were able to sneak away during a couple of lunches to visit the historic Driskill Hotel with it’s cowboy motifs and stuffed heads of longhorn steers and also to tour the O’Henry House just two doors from the hotel where the conference was held. They stayed with Katie’s mother and visited the Umlauf Sculpture gardens on a 70-degree afternoon, a welcome contrast to the freezing weather in Buffalo.. As usual, attendees at the conference were enthusiastic about WomenStories films. Chemotherapy was screened during an after session on Friday evening for a small group of people. Those who came, loved it .

Katie and Mimi returned to Buffalo with only a handful of resource guides and many cards from people who stopped by the WomenStories booth to talk and take home DVDs and VHS videos from the series. They heard rumors that at next year’s conference films will be featured, and therefore, they are enthusiastically looking forward to going to Irvine, CA for the 2008 conference.