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Hooray!! WomenStories DVDs are Finished!!
  WomenStories is happy to announce the release of its two disc DVD containing all ten titles in our VHS video series. Not only does it most efficiently provide patients and organizations with all of our videos, but also the DVD is easier to store, ship and utilize than the ten individual VHS tapes. Additionally, we are very pleased to have our survivor-to-patient series current with the latest technology to further aid distribution of our message. Our DVD is captioned to aid the hearing impared.

Please note that we still do have a good supply of each of the ten titles in the video series in VHS format as some organizations and patients prefer them. You should also be aware that all titless in our survivor-to-patient series are freely streamed on our website,, so that anyone wishing to see them can find them there. Select ‘video series’ on our home page and click on any title that interests you, being sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page to select the appropriate format and internet connection speed that best suits your computer.

DVDs and all WomenStories materials can be ordered online through our website, by Fax at (716) 873-5361 or by phone to (716) 873-3689 & (800) 775-5790.