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Breast Cancer Skis at 8,000 Feet
  In early April Mimi Dow took a trip to Utah to ski at Alta and Snow Bird. Eight inches of snow fell the first day, and she was persuaded to demo some powder skis. The young man at the ski shop fitted her with skis from K2 Sports, a black pair covered with pink flowers. She said nothing, thinking that she must accept that the ski world has changed radically since she learned on wooden skis with no safety bindings. Then he flipped the skis over to show her the pink ribbon on the bottom and told her his mother was a breast cancer survivor. There was a good deal of exclaiming over the skis and the connections between all of them, and then Mimi climbed aboard the tramway and had several beautiful runs on her black and pink skis. K2 Sports is a supporter of breast cancer research!