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WomenStories Evaluation has Begun in NYC
  Two researchers from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Institute in New York, David Lounsbury, PhD and Elyse Shuk, MA, have begun a freelance evaluation of two WomenStories videos. Ms. Shuk, in her mid-thirties, is herself a breast cancer survivor. She has twelve years of experience conducting in-depth qualitative research, and her work at Memorial Sloan-Kettering is centered on the study of how families affected by cancer communicate about cancer and discuss familial cancer risk and cancer prevention. She will videotape and conduct detailed interviews with women recently diagnosed with breast cancer, focusing on an assessment of the Young Women and Breast Cancer and Chemotherapy videos. She will also give the women sets of all the WomenStories videos, encourage them to watch them all, and to write their responses to them in journals. In this way, all the videos in the series will have some evaluation. David Lounsbury, a community psychologist with research interests in the study and development of community-based systems of care for cancer survivors, will monitor and advise Elyse Shuk as she works with the participants in the evaluation.

We eagerly await the results of this six month evaluation. Although we have had anecdotal reactions to videos from women and medical professionals who have seen them, we have not collected scientific data and evaluated it since the first video was given an evaluation six years ago. We expect to use the findings from the evaluation to improve the videos, to present papers at conferences, and to make posters for conferences that we may not attend.