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Amazing Funding
  In the past few months WomenStories has received three grants that will allow the organization to finish production of the video series and to conduct a marketing and distribution blitz in the eight counties of Western New York. The first two grants came from The Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo and The James R. Cummings Foundation. Both these foundations have funded WomenStories in the past and the money is dedicated to production. We have already started to tape the 9th video, Radiation, and think we will not need to tape a great deal for the final video, Life After Breast Cancer, because the women in the tapes we have made so far have spoken a great deal about life after breast cancer.

The Margaret L Wendt Foundation gave WomenStories a two year grant of $100,000; it is intended for marketing and distribution in Western New York. The grant affirms all the work we have done to date and comes at a perfect moment, when we need to focus on getting the videos (and soon to be DVDs) to as many medical offices as we can. Using the model that we develop from interviewing oncologists in WNY, we will expand our efforts nationally and in Canada.