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Association of Oncology Social Workers Conference
In early May, Roslyn Romanowski, MD, WomenStories board president, Katie Militello a board member, and Mimi Dow traveled to Savannah, Georgia to attend the Association of Oncology Social Workers annual conference. The workshops at the conference were, as usual, rewarding and interesting when attendees were not distracted by enormous freighters gliding by the hotel windows what seemed like only yards away, Savannah being the second largest port in United states. The theme of the conference: AOSW Annual Conference: the Enduring Impact of 25 Years of Advancement in Psychosocial Care, fits with the WomenStories mission completely. Roslyn presented a poster at one of the two poster sessions; we met many interested people into whose hands we pressed the handout that you may see by clicking here. We also explored historic Savannah, its beautiful squares, some historic houses and their gardens, and sampled the delicious local seafood. We are looking forward to next year?s conference in Phoenix.

Top Left:
Roslyn Romanowski, MD, Katie Militello, and WomenStories Founder Mimi Dow in front of their poster.

Right: Roslyn and Katie enjoy some of Savannah's famous gardens.